Jennifer V.


Born in: Toronto, ON, Canada

My Happy Place is: The beach.

Fun Fact: I love to cook!

Creation I Love to Show Off: A leather lace embossed inlay bracelet cuff.

I Can’t Live Without: My morning black tea with milk and sugar.

Favorite Food: Sri Lankan Food.

Favorite Music: Drake…of course ?

Favorite Technique: Rather than technique, my favorite medium is leather.

Favorite Quote: “Make it happen!”


Born in: Jacksonville, FL

My Happy Place is : Key West!

Fun Fact: I’m a true crime junkie. I listen to all types of true crime podcasts. My college major before I switched to design was Forensic Psychology!

I Can’t Live Without: My kids! They drive me crazy but I could never live without them! And my makeup, girlfriend has got to have her makeup.

Favorite Food: CHEESE! I could eat any and every cheese ever made….I know super cheesy, right!

Favorite Music: I’m a lover of all music!

Favorite Technique: It’s not so much a technique but a material. I love using gemstones in different ways – like gluing crystals onto them!  It’s so unexpected but yet they compliment each other so nicely!

Favorite Quote: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” My Mimi use to tell me this all the time when I would get frustrated or upset and it has always stuck with me.

Jennifer V.
Jennifer V.


Born in:  El Paso, TX

My Happy Place is:  Home, by the water and Disney World.

Fun Fact About Me:  Halloween is my favorite holiday!

Creation I Love to Show Off:  My Sequined Outfits

I Can’t Live Without:   My dog Reign and cheese.

Favorite Food:  Cheese!

Favorite Music:  Different eras, but I mostly listen to 90’s.

Favorite Technique:  Beading!

Favorite Quote:  “Everything happens for a reason.”


Born in: New Brunswick, New Jersey

My Happy Place is : Eating a Dole Whip at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World!

Fun Fact:  I taught at Animation Academy at Disney Quest.

Creation I Love to Show Off:  Crochet Kuchi Kopi from Bob’s Burgers. He lives on my desk!

I Can’t Live Without:  Pandora, Adobe Illustrator and yarn!

Favorite Food:  I’m really into banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) right now

Favorite Music:  Japanese Pop, Showtunes, Punk Rock.  My Pandora playlist is crazy!

Favorite Technique: Crochet yarn jewelry.  And opening jump rings, lol!

Favorite Quote:  “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

Amie V.
Stunning Graphics


Born in: Montpelier, VT

My Happy Place is:  The beach.

Fun Fact: Apparently, I’m VERY good at the game Liar’s Dice!

Creation I Love to Show Off:  My “Guiding Light” necklace that was published in Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine.

I Can’t Live Without: My memories.

Favorite Food:  Eggplant parmesan and pizza

Favorite Music:  Classic Rock & Roll

Favorite Technique: Macrame!

Favorite Quote:  “Creativity takes courage.”