Don’t Let It Get Out Of Hand: DIY Mask Holders That Are Easy and Fun!

Don’t Let It Get Out Of Hand: DIY Mask Holders That Are Easy and Fun!

Tired of holding on to your mask when you don’t need it? Then you need to look at these fun and easy mask holders you can make yourself!

How many times have you made it all the way to the entry of the grocery store before realizing you left your mask in the car?

How’s that for a sign of the times? 

It appears as though Covid isn’t in a hurry to leave us anytime soon, and with the increasing number of businesses requiring face masks for entry, forgetting your mask is a no-go. 

Enter stylish and effective mask holders.

Hanging your mask on your ears may help you remember it, but it’s just too uncomfortable and could actually be negating the purpose of the mask. Taking it off between stops feels great but stowing it in your bag is inconvenient and annoying.

If this sounds like you, we’ve got the perfect fix.

Make a statement and never be left caught without your mask again with our DIY guide to making your own fun and easy mask holder.

Getting Crafty

Masks aren’t exactly the cute trend we were hoping to see in 2020, but when the world gives you lemons… sport them with style.

Aside from helping you keep track of that mask between stores or while you are driving, adding a lanyard style chain to your mask provides the perfect opportunity to show off your style and make a statement. 

When not in use, simply let your mask hang around your neck on a handy little holder, then find it exactly where you need it when it’s time to pop it back on. 

It doesn’t seem fair that masks cover the most expressive part of our faces, and we think it’s due time that you show off your personality, even in a mask. 

Glamour Magazine is fixing us up with the hottest ideas for dressing it up, but with time to burn before Covid blows over, why not get creative with your own one of a kind DIY project.

Here are some fun ideas to get you started!

Bring On the Beads

Whether you are going for a sleek look or a pop of color, beads are a fantastic choice for your custom mask holder! 

Solid colors for masks have been a go-to for diverting attention from the covering we don’t love wearing, but the basic black look starts to feel bland and boring. Bring a cheerful pop with your favorite color or go full rainbow to lighten it up and keep your mask right within reach.

Want to sport your new craft at work? Give acrylic or glass beads a try for a chic put-together look. No one will guess that this is homemade jewelry when they spot your classic shiny black beaded rope or simple feminine pink beads. 

Need a little extra energetic support through this difficult time? Why not add in a bit of gemstone character and reap the metaphysical benefits on your daily outings. Try out a dark topaz gem in your beading and allow the emotional stabilizing properties to assist you in soothing and re-energizing your mind and body.

Looking for a touch of timeless glam? A string of pearls says it all! Why not even up the ante with a Swarovski pearl accent.

Hanging On a Chain

Such a simple concept, chains are a no-fuss way to bring a little flavor to your mask.

Think about that classic glasses chain—such a handy way to never lose those specs and a cute accent to boot. Revive the trend by stepping it up to a mask chain and reap the functional benefits too!

From a bold drop acrylic chain to a simplistic rose gold link, just add a lanyard hook to either end, and you’ve got yourself a quick DIY beauty. Add a bit of personality with a charm or two, or keep it clean and simple. It’s up to you!

Have matching masks for a few members in the house, add in a little letter charm to tell them apart, and never leave home with your daughter’s pre-used mask again. 

Instead of ordering an overpriced, high fashion chain, mimic these BuzzFeed trends on a low budget with your new-found quarantine hobby!

Go Natural

Keep it earthy and simple by crafting up the natural cord. 

Looking for a fix for your man? Keep him feeling rough and tough with a leather ribbon. Not only is this practical, but the neutral dark tones are less eye-catching and will serve the purpose without drawing too much attention.

Been keen to try your hand at macrame? Try a natural jute cord and dress it up with those fancy knots! Here are a couple of beginner macrame knots to get the juices flowing. Just loop the chords onto a lanyard hook, and away you go!

Add in a bead or charm to your macrame creation for that unique, custom-to-you style. 

Wanna play up the nature vibe? Wood beads and natural cord are a match made in heaven for that hippie-chic trend. Throw-in a hamsa or peace sign charm for a little extra ‘good vibes only’ love. 

Bling It On

Add a bit of shimmer to a fashion cord by sewing on some gorgeous Swarovski bicones. 

We’ve got you covered with a DIY tutorial for this fun and easy style. Follow along through the video or download the PDF instructions to get started making this pandemic-friendly jewelry.

All you need for this one is a polka dot cord, a 28 pack of our Swarovski bicones, some lanyard hooks, and your basic sewing needle and thread.

Cut yourself a 30-inch piece of this stretch cord and fancy up the dots with a pop of Swarovski crystals. Sew the bicones onto random dots throughout the fabric and tie on the lanyard hooks. Just like that, you’ve got a unique new accessory. 

Don’t forget to leave a space for the back of your neck with no beads for comfortable wearing.

Are your eyes crossing from threading that tiny needle?

Make your life a little easier by picking up our threading tool for quick, prick-free needle threading. For this project and all your future creations, picking up the right tools can take your crafts from a chore to a much-needed outlet. 

Make It Like Jewelry

Who doesn’t love a perfectly paired piece of jewelry to finish off an outfit? 

Forget the mask-resistance and embrace this reality by thinking of your mask accessories like a piece of jewelry. 

Pair your mask holding creation to your favorite outfits and color schemes, and mix it up! Create a few different styles for your variety of looks so you can match, accent, and accessorize. 

Show up in a tidy, professional chain for work, then show off your bold, colorful self in your downtime. The sky is the limit with what you can create.

Know some fashion-forward friends who will be drooling over your new jewelry box? Create a custom style for gifts! Perhaps even add in a personalized pendant or charm to let them know you created this look just for them.

Now that’s a budget-friendly gift that packs a sentimental symbol. 

Match Your Mask Holders

Now that you’ve got the crafting bug started, your generic face mask looks a bit drab on that one of a kind holder. Why not up the style of your face-covering too?

From glitter to iron-on transfers, don’t be afraid to show off your personality. Just like sporting a gorgeous shade of lipstick, your face mask can reflect your own unique style too.

Perhaps your new sunflower studded chain needs a bright, bubbly mask to match, or your sleek black lanyard needs a bit of texture to take it to the next level.

Home-made face masks are something we never anticipated when the new year hit, but if you are keen to try your hand at jazzing up your mask game, we’re here to walk you through it with ease.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to customize your masks and go from nuisance to accessory in a crafty afternoon.

Ready, Set, DIY

Never find yourself with sore ears or trips back to the car again.

With all of these inspire-worthy ideas, we can’t wait to see the custom pieces you create for your fashion-forward mask holders. Of course, if you ever find yourself running thin on craft ideas or need a little extra guidance to put it all together, we’ve put together tutorials and challenges to keep you going.

What are you waiting for? Shop our affordable selection of crafting materials and tools today and start creating your own personalized masterpieces.