Hello 2021, Whether we’re Ready for You or Not

I know a lot of us, much like myself, are sporting the matching sweatpants and sweatshirt look still. However 2021 is here and along with it came new jewelry trends. 

So …. 

What’s Trending?

Before sitting down to write this blog post I took a look back at the post I wrote last year and oh boy, have the trends changed. Isn’t it funny how that happens. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m always amazed how something that was so prominent last year at the same time is now irrelevant. 

Not to harbor on the past, but the 2 biggest trends of last year, pre Covid-19 if you can remember those days, were the Mamma Jamma Hoops and Coin Pendent Necklaces. While cleaning out my own jewelry cabinet, I found both of these that I purchased because I “had to have them.” Honestly I can’t even guess when I wore them last. 

Let’s roll into what’s trending in 2021 and see how we can DIY and recreate these trends!

Chain on Chain on Chain.. oh did I mention on Chain

This is probably the biggest trend for 2021 thus far. Gold, silver, rose gold you name the metal, they have it. This trend extends to all jewelry from necklaces, bracelets to even earrings! 

This jewelry set we created embodies this trend to a T. And I mean it. The mixing of the size of the chains, layering and stacking them on top of one another and the whole matching – yet not matching set. 

If you want to amp this up and add a little something extra throw on an old-rustic-almost-looking lock. Maybe not to the earrings that could start to get a bit heavy. But the necklace or bracelet for sure! 

The only rule when it comes to this trend is don’t mix your metals – stick to one and if you think its “too much,” its not .. add more. 

DIY here 

If you can’t spot me by my earrings, they aren’t glitzy enough.

Spotted: all the gorgeous girls are wearing big shiny earrings, but how many crystals are too many ladies? 

Did anyone else read that in Gossip Girl’s voice? Maybe just me, but this trend reminded me of all the insanely-beautiful-over-the-top earrings the actresses wore in the show. 

In line with the chain jewelry trend, you want these to be your biggest, baddest pair of statement earrings. There’s never enough sparkles, crystals or diamonds (if you’re lucky enough) and the bigger the better! 

Also, kind of funky. You don’t want a simple, predictable pair of crystal drop earrings. You want something that you’re almost uncomfortable with because it’s SO outside your comfort zone. When you walk by someone at a concert, or more like in the grocery stores these days, the first thing you want people to notice are your earrings. THAT is the trend!

We decided to go with gold hardware for these and our funky twist was to add long gold spikes. This was spontaneous, but it separated us from others. Although the spikes aren’t traditionally what you’d see, it worked! 

The fact that they didn’t go together made them go together.

DIY here 

Purse? Necklace? Wait .. what is that? 

This trend is magical. That’s the only way I can describe it .. magical. I don’t know about you but I hate having to carry a purse. It’s heavy, it slides off my shoulder and sometimes I’m only bringing it to hold my phone and wallet. 

In all of my years on this planet I have exhausted every feasible option as a solution to my ongoing predicament …. 

  • The little card holder that attaches to the back of your phone – yeah I shoved too many cards into it. Needless to say the sticky stuff suddenly became not sticky. 
  • Carrying a wristlet (remember when these were all the rage in college) although no one told you, you had to have that thing around your wrist at all times or like myself you end up leaving it places 
  • The backpack. At first it was a miracle, you can be hands free and it’s not going anywhere. However I learned if you needed to get something from inside, it wasn’t that easy. There I was one hand holding the backpack while the other was trying to unzip it. Now the bag was swaying back and forth and I was trying to get something out without totally having to shove my head inside. Not to mention the process I had to go through just to be able to try and get something out from it. Not sure what I mean? Much like driving a car I had to signal to pull over and get to the side, so I wasn’t that person stopped abrupt in a crowd of people. I have one word for “backpack,” a synonym, headache. 

If you couldn’t tell from my over sharing I’ve tried everything and feel like nothing worked. However this new trend is one I can’t sweat off, over stuff, or need the use of a blinker to get access to. 

The necklace-bag. Yes, one word necklace-bag in all of its glory. 

I know what you’re thinking? Isn’t CousinDIY a DIY jewelry company? Although you are correct, we were able to recreate this trend with all our own products! We picked the size, shape and colors we wanted to use and got to work. I still can’t get over this.

We decided to make one to fit my phone and wallet and it’s been great. I wear it around my neck and it’s just like a necklace. It doesn’t get in my way and I don’t have to take it off to get something from it.

DIY here 

Oh honey, those are my pearls 

To be honest this was a trend that I wasn’t stoked about at first. I don’t know if anyone else has a specific image or memory of pearls, but I’ll share mine with you.

I imagine my sweet grandmother with short brown hair, rocking her stud pearl earrings with a matching bracelet. Let me tell you she rocked them, but this is pretty much the only thing I associate with pearl jewelry. 

I’m not wrong very often (I hope you laughed at that one cause I sure did), but this is yet another moment where I was incorrect. This trend came in with force and proved me wrong. 

This was the most transformative trend for me. Like I said earlier, I had a strong image and idea of what pearl jewelry looked like that when I saw the modern spin on it, I was all about it. 

I love gold. I’m not a silver or rose gold gal myself, so mixing these two together was a moment for me. It’s no longer just a simple pair of stud pearl earrings with a single drop pearl necklace. The mixing of tones, shapes and textures helps to bring it alive for me. So of course I had to go shopping I mean .. could you blame me? 

Not to get on a tangent here, but what I love too about this and all these trends is that they are DIY.

In case anyone was interested, my grandmother was thrilled when I shared with her that I joined the pearl game. 

DIY here 

Have I charmed you yet? 

That’s right if you haven’t already guessed it by my incredibly unfunny joke the last trend I’m going to mention is charm bracelets! 

This just made me smile. How can you see the words charm bracelet and not? It reminds me of my childhood and those iconic silver Italian charm bracelets that everyone had! Only those were notorious for pinching your skin.

Although you don’t see as many of those bracelets today, there’s a new trend in town. 

To recreate this trend successfully, it’s important to use chain as the base. We picked silver but any metal will work. And then, add your charms! Mix them up, make it funky and more importantly keep it original! 

We paired a mixture of softer charms such as the turtle and sun with edgy ones like the spike and dome for example. This is such a great trend and doubles as a perfect gift! Super easy to personalize and make it sentimental. 

DIY here 

Is that it for 2021? 

Congrats! You’ve made it to the conclusion of my endless babble about 2021 jewelry trends! I don’t know if I’m more excited you made it or I did! 

Either way we’re here, we did it and that my friends is something to celebrate. 

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE if you recreate any of these trends share them with us. I want to see everyone rocking these 2021 jewelry trends. Upload photos of them to Instagram using #createwithcousin so we can see your creation and feature you! 

Well it’s been great, see ya next year for 2022?