How To Find The Perfect Necklace Length

How To Find The Perfect Necklace Length

Always getting necklaces that are too short, or too long? It’s time you get one just right! Click here to learn all about necklace length!

Art involves math. There, we said it. From the golden ratio to calculating facial proportions, art isn’t completely right-brained. 

And jewelry making, or wearing, isn’t exempt from that. Not only do makers have to calculate the supplies they need, such as bead per necklace, but they also have to think about necklace length. 

The buyer has to think about necklace length too, and everyone is different. Wondering what the sweet spot of lengths is for the most sales? 

There isn’t one – the best advice is to let your buyers choose by offering options. Want to know more about what goes into finding the perfect necklace length? 

Read below. 

Things to Consider When Sizing Necklaces (As the Creator)

There is a long-standing chart of necklace lengths, which has been around for decades. And that’s the chart most jewelers work from. 

But that chart doesn’t take into consideration that more women than ever are plus size. In fact, plus-size women are about 68% of the shopping market – but only about 20% of brands cater to them. 

We’re not saying that you can’t use classic necklace lengths, but it may be time to offer plus-size options. 

What does that mean in terms of chain size? Add about two inches to the classic chain length. 

For Extra Credit 

Something you’ve probably never thought about as a jeweler is showing diversity in your models. Maybe you only take solo shots of your product – but that doesn’t show anyone where a specific piece will sit. 

Think about finding a straight size (under size 12) and a plus-size model to wear your necklaces when you photograph them for your site.

Be sure to note in the description (or on the photo itself) which chain length the model is wearing. 

Don’t shy away from using male models either – gender is a construct and jewelry is for everyone! 

How to Offer Necklace Length Options 

Now that you know why you should offer multiple sizes of the same necklace, let’s talk about how you’re going to show that on your site. 

If You Offer One of a Kind Pieces 

Consider making two of each design (or as close as you can get to that) in two different lengths: one for thicker necks, and one for thinner. 

If that’s not possible, be sure to detail what length your creation is and show where it will sit on both neck types. 

If You Offer Pendant-Type Pieces 

If your work is independent of chain lengths, such as charms and pendants, then it’s worthwhile to offer as many chain lengths as possible. 

If you have a certain vision for a piece and photograph it that way, that’s fine – just let your customers know they can choose their length if they need to. 

Should You Charge More for Larger Chains? 

Now, more chain costs you more money – even with our very reasonable prices. We know that. So it’s understandable that you’d want to charge more for more of a product. 

Our suggestion is to charge more for anything more than those two inches that we mentioned earlier.  

Other Length Options

Have you ever seen necklace extenders? They can be lifesavers for plus-size women or people who just want to add some versatility to their everyday-jewelry. 

There are two kinds – one is a length of chain, usually 1-3 inches that has opposite clasps on it. 

The other kind slides and extends anywhere from two inches to four. Offering these in your shop is a great way to cater to multiple people without changing your artistic process. 

How to Find the Perfect Necklace Length: A Guide for Necklace Buyers 

If you read the part above, you know that jewelry artists are starting to keep different sizes in mind, to help everyone find the perfect fit for them. 

But there’s more to consider when buying a necklace than just your neck size. Breast size, the type of shirt you’ll be wearing, whether you’re layering pieces or not, all have a role in finding the perfect necklace length. 

Necklace Length Considerations for Big Breasts 

If you’re busty, you know there are a lot of things that people don’t think about when designing clothes, or in this case, jewelry. You may struggle to wear pendant or charm type necklaces, as they get stuck and disappear in between your breasts. 

There are few ways to work around this, but unfortunately no way to completely “fix” it. 

You may want to shorten your necklace lengths or shop for shorter necklaces, so they land above the point of your cleavage. However, some women feel like that draws too much attention to their cleavage – and that’s another story. 

If that’s your issue, it may be worth it to wear that particular necklace with higher-neckline tops. That way the charm will sit on top of the fabric and you won’t have to worry about it getting lost. 

The Big-Bust Sweet Spot 

While your perfect necklace length will depend on your neck size, the kind of bra you’re wearing, and your neckline, here’s the recipe for length-buying success. 

First, find the spot between your collarbones, where your skin indents a little. The top of that indent is the base of your neck – your perfect necklace length is between one and four inches below that. 

Necklace Types and Necklines

If you’re looking to match the perfect necklace to an outfit, there are visual charts online of what necklaces match which necklines, but we’ve summed it up for you, below. 

Here’s a shortlist: 

  • T-shirts: long necklaces or ones that lay mid-bust
  • Off the Shoulder: should lay about an inch to two inches above the highest point of the neckline
  • Halter: graceful, slim pendants or small charms that lay in the middle of the opening
  • V-neck: v-shaped necklaces, should end about two-three inches before fabric starts
  • Boat neck: great for layering long necklaces! 
  • Scoop neck: statement necklaces with a lot going on, ideally in the same shape as the scoop 
  • Strapless: chokers, short charm necklaces, or delicate, short, layering pieces

If you can’t remember all that, then think about this tip: the shorter the neckline, the longer the necklace, and vice versa. 

Of course, this depends on your style, but you want to avoid your necklaces being hidden by your neckline. If you can’t see them, then what’s the point in wearing them? 

A notable exception to this tip is turtlenecks – those work best with a moderate-length rounded-shape chain or pendant necklace. Think about halfway between the bottom of your neck and the midpoint of your breasts. 

Necklace Layering: Tips for Success 

If you’re looking for a more detailed look or something more boho, you’ve probably played with layering necklaces before. And yes – there is a correct way to do it. 

Our favorite way to layer involves three necklaces, all within about 3-4 inches of each other. 

But that’s not the only way – the best formula is to make sure the lengths are proportionate: so if there are four inches between the first and second necklace, there should be approximately four (or eight) inches between the second and the third. 

When it comes to colors, you want to keep the layered necklaces in the same color temperature, like wearing warm colors (golds, browns, reds) together, and cool colors (silver, blues, purples) in another set. 

Don’t be afraid to mix media in those color palettes, though. We have some great woven cords that look perfect layered with a delicate chain or the other way around. Be playful and don’t be afraid to try new things!

Finding the Length of Your Current Favorite Necklace 

Did you recently buy – or have always had – a necklace that’s the perfect length? To buy more just like it, get out your measuring tape and that necklace. Lay both flat on a surface and measure the clasped length, then double it to get the chain length. 

Voila – it’s that easy! 

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for and Making Necklaces: 

There’s no perfect necklace length for everyone – and buyers appreciate having options. Giving them those options as a seller will put you above your competitors and hopefully lead to more sales! At the very least it should lead to better reviews, as people love when you go the extra mile for your customers! 

If you’re looking for materials to offer longer options, check out our stringing material section. We have everything from rhinestone chains, chunky options, stringing wire, leather cords, and more!

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