DIY Pipe Cleaner Snails

These little friends are super cute!

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Time: Less Than 30 Minutes

Get the Supplies

E6000 Permanent Craft And Jewelry Glue - 3.7 Oz

This permanent craft adhesive is the industry standard for arts and crafts, jewelry, and all creative arts projects! A little goes a LONG way, and creates a permanent industrial strength bond that is flexible, washer/dryer safe, and photo safe. For use with fabric, metal, wood, ceramic and more!

Multicolor Chenille Pipe Cleaners, 6mm x 12 inch, 25 Pack

  • Cousin DIY pipe cleaners/chenille stems are constructed from high quality fiber and wire in vibrant colors
  • Fluffy fiber pipe cleaners are full and fuzzy, perfect for arts and crafts projects
  • Flexible and malleable, the pipe cleaners are easy to twist, bend and or wrap into any shape, straightened and reshaped as needed while maintaining their strength and structure
  • Chenille stem pipe cleaners can be cut to custom lengths, glued, formed, and used in countless craft projects for kids and adults such as holidays décor, home decoration, and general craft use
  • Vibrant Multicolor Assortment includes 25 pieces
  • Each: 6mm x 12 inch length
  • $1.49
    Paste-On Wiggle Eyes In Assorted Sizes 5-15mm, Set Of 200, Black

  • Paste On Wiggle Eyes: Flat Back Can Be Attached With Hot Glue, Paste, Or Other Adhesives.
  • Use for DIY scrapbooking, animating drawings and pictures, puppets, clothing, cards, stationary, ornaments and more!
  • Value pack includes assorted sizes, 5-15mm
  • Each pack contains 200 pieces
  • Color: Black and White
  • Perfect for all kinds of crafts and activities
  • $5.49