diy pompom baby chicks

Pompom Baby Chick


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2pc Bead Scoop And Tweezers Set

This Bead Scoop and Tweezers Set is fantastic for jewelry making. These tools especially come in handy when working with smaller beads, helping you achieve precision work while beading, knotting or crafting.

40G Black 6/0 Glass E-Beads

Black 6/0 Glass E-Beads are perfect for those tiny details that put your design above the rest. Make elaborate or simple pieces that always look polished and impressive.

Yellow 10mm Pom-Poms, 100 Pack

  • These acrylic pom poms are perfect for all kinds of crafts for children of all ages
  • Pom-pom accents have been around for years and are a favorite for crafts at home, camp, school and anywhere else!
  • Each pack incudes 100 pom-poms
  • Color: Yellow
  • Size: 10mm Diameter
  • $2.29