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2021 Jewelry Trends – Chain Jewelry

We’re so excited for this year and everything we have planned! This month we’ll be focusing on jewelry trends in 2021 and how to recreate them at home! Join Chloe in learning how to DIY a chain jewelry set, we’re seeing this trend EVERYWHERE!

Love You Forever Valentine Bottle Necklace

We truly adore sharing our love of jewelry making with you and would love to hear what you’re making for Valentine’s Day this year! Is anyone trying out a new technique or a different style to make something for a friend or significant other? ?

Gasparilla Necklace

Ahoy, Matey! ☠️?️⚓ If you are local to the Tampa Bay area and in need of some finishing touches on your Gasparilla pirate costume, this wood stretch bracelet could be the missing piece!

Enlightened New Year Lotus Necklace

In many different cultures, the lotus flower is regarded as a symbol of purity and self-regeneration, this beginners friendly wire-wrapped project is perfect to celebrate the new year. So grab your supplies and get started with our step-by-step tutorial. ?  

Get your pencils ready!

This fun Back-to-School DIY Project is perfect to Kick Off the Year. Ready for school? Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t, but having the coolest school supplies is one of the best ways to start the school year right. DIY your way into awesomeness with this easy jewelry making necklace made with pencil.

Summer Memento Shell Necklace

Ever dreamed of creating a unique memory of your summer? This project is the perfect end-of-summer project. All you need to create this easy DIY necklace is a seashell from your favorite beach and some basics jewelry chains and findings. Follow along our downloadable step-by-step instructions!

Simple Macrame Necklace

The mineral blue macramé pendant was crafted using embroidery floss, giving it a dainty feel. Paired with antique gold color findings and a circle focal, this piece can be used to dress up or dress down your style. With a large selection of floss colors to choose from, create your own look this spring, whether […]