Pearl Knotting Masterclass

Pearl knotting is the practice of tying knots between the pearls strung in a necklace. Next time you are looking at a pearl strand, take a closer look at the cord. Chances are you will see knots between the pearls on it.

One of the reasons to knot pearls is to keep all of them from falling off the strand if it breaks. If that happens, the knots will ensure that no more than one or two pearls drop on the floor instead of all at once.

In this class, you will learn knot your way through different pearl knotting techniques then you will be able to practice your skills by making a knotted pearl bracelet and matching earrings.

Here are the supplies you will need:

Pearl Knotting Techniques

In this episode Chloe will talk a little about the history of pearl knotting and go over several techniques and tools used to master this method!

Now you’ve learned all the techniques, it’s time to put them to the test with our first project.

Join Chloe and make a pearl knotted bracelet, which will go well with our next project!

DIY Pearl Knotted Bracelet

What’s better than earrings to pair with a matching bracelet, right? Join Chloe for a DIY slightly harder to perfect your pearl knotting skills!

DIY Pearl Earrings

You have knotted your way to the end and perfected the art of pearl knotting!

Be sure to share with us all your pearl knotting creations on Instagram #createwithcousin. Keep an eye out to see what our next mini-series will be!

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See you soon!

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