SS19 – Connecting with Your Jewelry: Talismans, Tokens & Symbols

Talisman charms are a trending jewelry style for SS 2019 and SS 2020.

Talisman charms have taken on different meanings throughout time. Today’s talisman is often affiliated with a strong belief, a religion, a way of thinking, a visual message, a spiritual image or message, and are synonymous with amulets and good luck charms. When wearing necklaces, very often the wearer does not remove the piece of jewelry except for sleeping or showering, and the talisman becomes a part of their daily life. The wearer forms a connection with the jewelry, and it comes to symbolize an important aspect or a goal in their life.

Talisman charms are a trending jewelry style for SS 2019 and SS 2020. The long chain with a simple charm or pendant is an evergreen look. The face of these charms and pendants are changing, talismans are replacing generic shapes and consumers are choosing to represent an aspect that is of importance rather than solely for style. They are looking for components that have a greater meaning than “nurse”, “mom”, sports, etc. Talisman jewelry fits the need for jewelry that is introspective.

Raw crystals and gemstones are often used for amulets and talismans. Crystals have their own metaphysical meanings, and paired with a charm or token, they create a talisman special for that wearer. Lockets are also being infused into this talisman look and often paired together in layers. Layering various lengths with a choker or other short necklace will continue to trend into SS 2020. Talismans can be found in a token or coin shape and can be single sided or double sided. They are often worn on long chains or on a charm bracelet.

Whichever icon is added, the talisman is often made by or gifted to the wearer, rarely purchased as is, in the store.

Love this Trend? Try this project!

Talisman Druzy Cuff

This gemstone cuff is paired with a collection of animal and plant life charms with the added sparkle of Swarovski crystal flatbacks. Create your own version using talisman charms that encompass your life, passion, and family. Each piece will truly be unique for each designer.