The 4 Jewelry Trends You Won’t Want to Miss in 2022

Well here we are again a fresh start to the new year which can only mean one thing… new jewelry trends. So, let’s get into it! 

What are we seeing overall? 

The runways for 2022 are not for the weak of heart. They were filled with bold, statement pieces where each piece was more impressive than the last. A good way to put it is imagine your favorite cookie, you think how could this get any better? Well, warm it up and add a scoop of ice cream, suddenly it’s better than the first. This is the state of our current runways. Each piece is somehow more impressive than the previous.  

We saw throwbacks to the past which led to many of the “remember when,” statements. But also funky twists that took us by surprise. That being said, we had a lot of fun creating our DIY pieces this year!

Y2K is Back! Are you having Flashbacks to the Aughts? 

The early 2000s had memorable fashion trends. Millennials are thriving right now remembering what they wore “back in the day,” as many of those same trends have resurfaced.  

These pieces are loud and proud. They are bright, colorful and stacked one on top of the other. We’ve also seen a mix of materials from glass to resin.  

We made a 2000s inspired necklace using our resin kit!  

This was super fun to make as you can pick your resin colors and shapes! Want to spice it up and add some glitter, no problem! Each pendant you make out of resin will be unique and unlike any other. With our custom made pendants we had to pair them with an equally fun bead. While exploring the depths of our warehouse we found these bauble beads. Let me tell you these beads really do make the necklace. 

The size and colors of these bauble beads are just so fun. I don’t think there is a better way to put it. I do know one thing, it’s impossible not to smile when wearing this necklace. Pair it with a basic white tee-shirt or an animal print, either way you can’t go wrong.  

DIY here

Don’t Forget your Arm. 

This trend made an appearance in just about every fashion show. This year our arms will most certainly not feel left out. Arm cuffs are back in session.  

We decided to make two different styles so there were options. First, we made this black studded cuff. If you’re a beginner at jewelry making this is a great project for you. This option is more edgy and it’s important to note it doesn’t go around your whole arm, just half. Being so, it allows you to wear it comfortably on both your upper and lower arm. 

This next cuff we made is entirely from scratch. Meaning we didn’t start with a premade base like the previous cuff. This one is made to be worn on your upper arm and will fully go around it.  

With having the whole cuff being made out of wire you can made each one custom to fit the person. So there’s no worry of it slipping during your day.  

When you’re getting ready to head out the door this year, don’t forget to throw on your arm cuffs. 

DIY here

The Choker. 

Time and time again we see chokers resurface. Each time with a new twist. For this year the magic words are big, thick and chunky. Chokers are typically worn as they sound, close to the neck. This year we noticed the chokers got even smaller, because somehow that was possible.   


We decided to create a tortoise colored choker made out of acrylic links! Once again I’m happy to say if you’re a newcomer to jewelry making this DIY has the stamp of approval. The acrylic links comes together much like a bead strand and you’re able to disconnect and reconnect them however you like. We also decided to add a pendant in the middle just to spice it up. This isn’t needed but we thought it brought a little something extra to the choker.  

Chokers are fun to create so, we actually made 2 more. Now these are ever so slightly longer and both include a stone pendant. One aspect of the use of stone pendants in jewelry is that no two stones are ever identical. Therefore the jewelry pieces won’t be identical. Just a slight difference in color or shape of the stone can really alter the overall piece. 

Which of the three do you like best? 

DIY here

They Say Save the Best for Last for a Reason. 

Our final trend we wanted to highlight might not be as widely popular. We all expect jewelry trends that consist of earrings, necklaces and bracelets, however this one was slightly outside the norm. 

Body Chains 

This isn’t completely new. Body chains have existed and been popular before, but this trend came back with a bang on the runway. We saw these paired with bathing suits and worn directly on the skin. However, these were also spotted paired with normal clothes and worn on top of an outfit. 

We made a body chain to be worn on top of an outfit, however you can wear it any way you like.  

We wanted ours to be eye catching and really stand out for being different. To do this we made it out of a delicate gold chain with a piece that goes around your neck and arm. It’s a jewelry piece that for being as light and airy as it is, somehow it’s also a statement piece.  

Who knows what body chains will look like at the end of 2022? But we’re excited to see how they evolve. 

DIY here

That’s a Wrap. 

As always we love looking at the current trends. Every year they seem to get more interesting and more of a challenge when we ask ourselves, “how can we recreate this at a lower cost?” 

Who knows what 2023 will bring us as far as jewelry trends, but we can’t wait to find out.