The 5 jewelry trends you need to know going into 2020

We might be on the tail end of 2019 but that doesn’t mean our trends are falling dormant. Quite the opposite, actually! I wouldn’t be surprised if these trends roared into 2020 with us. Ironically, you’re reading this while simultaneously nodding in agreement. Because let’s be honest, you know what’s coming. There’ve been hiatuses before between the upcoming of new trends which unfortunately causes some that really got-to-go, to stick around beyond their time. However, this is not the case. Currently, there are five jewelry trends that have aggressively made their presence known and are dueling to see which prevail.  

Mamma Jamma Hoop

The first one, in my opinion, and the most popular is the “Mamma Jamma Hoop,” designed by Jennifer Fisher.  This is the thick and chunky gold hoop you’ve seen everywhere. The idea behind these earrings is to have a glow, and the way to achieve that is the thicker the better.  

Celebrities Selena Gomez and Hailey Baildwin, even YouTube influencer Keaton Milburn has been photographed wearing these.

Now the “Mamma Jamma Hoop,” specifically retails for $795, but let’s be real who can drop that in the blink of an eye? I know I can’t. But don’t worry there are plenty of dupes out there. Next time you’re enjoying one of those long walks around Target, take a peek at the jewelry section and you’ll see the same thing for $7.99.

Buckle your seatbelt and hop on into a time machine because we’re going back to the 60’s.  

Tortoise Shell Earrings

That’s all I have to say. This trend sneaked up on us, but it’s just one that works. The plus side to this is it’s almost becoming a metal. Let me explain myself. Most jewelry is made in gold and silver although, over the past few years rose gold has also become a staple that is most of time included. Tortoise though is giving rose gold a run for her money and dare I say it, may even do better!

There are people who will religiously not mix metals, which is possibly why rose gold never took off like it was foreshadowed. Who wants to replace all their jewelry just to change over to another metal, and honestly the percentage that actually goes through with it is low.

Tortoise is the way around this issue and why it will remain superior to rose gold.

This CAN be mixed with any metal because it’s NOT metal. That’s the glory of this. No matter what your metal of choice is and whether you are a mixed metal gal or not tortoise goes with everything … literally.  

Side note. A rising trend right now is to pair these earrings with a matching over sized hair barrette. And yes, I’m referring to the ones your mom put in your hair when you were a child.

Coin Pendant Necklace

The third trend is coin pendant necklaces.

It’s believed that the first time this surfaced was back in 2017 when Kim Kardashian was seen wearing Yeezy hammered pendants. Over this two-year period these necklaces have resurfaced a little more polished.

Trend 3.5, because I believe it goes hand in hand with coin pendants, is layered necklaces. The days of wearing a statement necklace, that low key weighed you down, are over! Instead, it’s in to wear multiple dainty necklaces and mix and match!

Take a second and prepare for what I’m going to say next.

Sculptured jewelry

When I first heard this I was slightly perplexed. I sat there thinking, “Hmm okay, I’m late on another trend not too much is new here.” But then once I saw photos of what was referred to as “sculpted jewelry,” I had that traditional “Ohhhhh,” moment.

Typically this style is more often seen as earrings, but it can be transformed into a solid necklace. Basically, it’s a statement earring that looks almost rock like and sometimes extremely textured or rough.

This is a trend that is a great DIY. It’s simple to buy the rocks or shells you want to use, grab a chain and a jump ring and just be creative.

You can create anything you want …. literally.

Personalized Jewelry

The final trend that I believe justifies a shout out is personalization.

Now this is nothing new, but it’s still thriving.

I’m sure you thought of the basic initial necklace that you have lying on your dresser, but that isn’t exactly what I’m referring to here.

Instead I want to talk about the process of personalizing a piece of jewelry. To do this all you need is a Stamp & Go Kit. One of the things I do with this is make my holiday gifts. I get a bunch of small metal bars and stamp on coordinates and gift them to my friends. It’s a way for each of them each to carry a piece of home AND it works as a layering piece

If you’re also still into initial necklaces, much like myself, you can 100% create those as well!

Now lets end 2019 rocking these trends and roar on into the new year!