Valentine’s Day Kid’s Craft

Valentine’s day is around the corner! ❤️?????

We’ve created this free class with kids of all ages in mind. These creative projects will inspire you and the kids to make gifts for all your loved ones this year. ?

This class includes three projects:

  • Alphabet Beads Bracelet
  • Memory Wire Be My Valentine Bracelet
  • Embellished Valentine’s Day Tic Tac Toe

Get all the supplies for this class, click here (Only $12.99)

Let’s get started!

Alphabet Beads Bracelet

In this video, Chloe will be showing you how to make personalizable stretch cords bracelets! This project is great for kids of all ages!

This project is great for gifts are each one of your creations will be unique!

Be my valentine Bracelet

We will now be teaching you another technique to make bracelets. Indeed, in this video, Chloe will be using Memory Wire!

This project is perfect for your teens! You can use different colors or charms to create something that matches YOUR personality!

Embellished Valentine’s Day Tic Tac Toe

Our last project in this class is perfect for the little ones! To make it easy, we created a printable tic tac toe board!

Click here to download the tic tac toe board game. 

Our class bundle includes an assortment of heart beads that you can use to play (see picture). Alternatively, you can also use rock or buttons. 

Ps: if you love sparkles like us, we included Cristazzi flatbacks in the class bundle so you can personalize the board and make it unique! 

Congratulations, you’ve have completed our Valentine’s day kid craft course! And you now should have handmade gifts for your loved ones!

Make sure to join us on our Facebook group “Create, Inspire, Connect” to share your design and enter for a chance of winning jewelry supplies!

See you in the next class!

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