Winners #DIYchallenge – Day of the Dead

Halloween is coming up so October prompt are getting spookier and spookier… This week’s #DIYchallenge, Dead of the dead, really inspired you as we got so many amazing projects!

Thank you for being so active and sharing your amazing designs with the community every week.

This week, our winners are:

Chicogal Maulik

We’ve just had to select this amazing beaded sugar skulls because they are a true masterpiece and we can definitely tell how much work has been done!

#DIYChallenge #Day of the Dead I’m so excited about this challenge. Needless to say, I haven’t slept much. I have been having so much fun with these beaded skulls. Even though my fingers have holes and I’m all out of bandaids, I really enjoyed beading them. I put a small jump ring on the back, so I can either string a cord through it or hang it on my wall.”

Marika Harris

Sometimes, the simplest things are also the prettiest. These turquoise sugar skulls are proof! Congratulations Marika and welcome to the #DIYchallenge!

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