Winners #DIYchallenge – Fall is coming

Can’t you believe it’s already september? We got so many submissions for this week project, it was hard to choose winners. It’s also fun to start to see less summery design!

This week, our winners are:

Kaylyn Sweitzer

Her first #DIYchallenge entry, a fall-themed necklace!

“I’ve had this pendant for probably 15 years or so, and never had the right combo of beads or inspiration to do anything with it until now. I might be too much of a perfectionist…?#DIYChallenge

Kati Ross

This is definitely a statement piece, great work Kati!!!

“Entry for #DIYChallenge #23 Fall is Coming. I made the tree using copper wire, Citrine, Carnelian, Tiger Eye and Mookaite Jasper chips.”

If you are a winner, please send us a DM to CousinDIY on Facebook or email us at


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