4 DIY Necklaces to Gift Your Friends for the Holidays

It’s the holiday season, and that means it’s time to think of sweet and thoughtful gifts for all of the people that you love.

But what are you going to give to people? Don’t you want to try your hand at making something special, personalized, and handmade? Why not try making DIY necklaces for the best friends in your life?

We have a few suggestions so that each of your friends has a DIY necklace that they’ll love. Keep reading to learn about our favorites and make them yourself!

1. Zodiac Necklaces

Do you and your friends love talking about astrology? Whether you believe it or not, it’s fun to talk about how the sun, moon, and other celestial bodies may influence you.

Why not give your friends customized necklaces that show off their signs?

You aren’t limited to sun signs. We love jewelry that features the sun sign and the moon sign together. These necklaces are super sweet, and the pendants are classy while still being personal. 

String a few zodiac charms onto your chain or string and add some of your favorite beads, and you’ll have a cute holiday gift.

2. Name Necklaces

Jewelry with names made out of beads used to be all the rage. While they may not be as in-style anymore, you can give your friend a vintage-looking gift with a woven necklace and letter beads.

These make great chokers, and you can also make a matching bracelet.

If this doesn’t feel like the right look for you, consider opting for initials instead. Larger letter charms make a great addition to the center of any necklace to give it a subtle but personal touch.

3. Birthstone Necklaces

If you know your friends’ astrological signs, do you also know their birthstones

Birthstones are a classy way to personalize any piece of jewelry. They add a pop of color and sparkle without being too obvious. You can add them as standalone charms to a chain, but we love pairing them with woven string in complimentary colors. 

Bonus: these work well if you want to add matching rings or bracelets. It won’t look overdone. 

4. Charm Necklaces 

Remember when charm bracelets were “in?” Where did that trend go?

You don’t need to find charm necklaces and bracelets in-store. You can make them at home and give them to your friends to remind them of the time that you’ve spent together. 

It’s a good idea to leave extra space so your friends can add their own charms in the future, but also consider adding personalized charms. These can be the ones mentioned previously or ones that remind you of events you had together. You have so many options when it comes to charms!

We Love These DIY Necklaces

Are you ready to string up some DIY necklaces for your friends this holiday season? The best gift is one that comes from the heart, so your friends are sure to appreciate these customized necklaces. 

If you’re looking for supplies for your holiday jewelry crafts, check out our shop. We have everything you need for the perfect DIY necklace.