Creative and Collaborative: 6 Unique Crafts for Families This Summer

Families with children between the ages of 3-17 are preparing to spend around $470 over the summer. Most parents charge an average of $1,019 on their credit cards for summer activities. Entertaining the family during the summer isn’t always the most affordable task to complete, but there are a few ways to have some inexpensive fun.

This summer, plan on diving into a few unique crafts that the entire family can enjoy doing together. You can spend the day inside the house, enjoying the backyard, or soaking up the sun in a local park while creating DIY jewelry and other fun craft ideas for families. The best crafts are the ones that bring the family together and give the children something to keep them busy when out of school.

In our guide below, you’ll find a list of several unique craft ideas to try this summer. Continue reading to get started!

1. Seasonal Wreaths

There’s a seasonal wreath for just about every month out of the year. You don’t have to only focus on holiday themes. You can also create a summer-time wreath, a spring wreath, and so on. 

Then, when a special holiday is approaching, switch out your seasonal wreath for the holiday wreath. With so many different holidays, special occasions, and seasons throughout the year, you and your children will be making wreaths all summer long! Start with a wreath base

Then, collect some fun items associated with the season or holiday you want to use the wreath for. You can easily tie and hot glue various items to the wreath to make it look the way you want. Flowers, pinecones, and ribbon are just a few examples of accessories to add to your own wreath. 

2. Sewing Projects

Sewing might not be the first activity you think of when determining something for the entire family to do, but sewing is a great skill to have and teach to your little ones. Although it might seem like something difficult to teach, there’s an easy way of doing so. 

Use a recycled styrofoam meat tray to get you started. You’ll then decide on what shape you want to sew on the tray. Use a stencil if needed and poke holes in the tray to create the shape. 

Make sure the holes are spread out evenly throughout. You can make letters, hearts, pumpkins, flowers, and more! Then, you and your little ones will use a thread and needle to sew the thread through the holes to create the image. 

Make sure to teach your little ones sewing techniques and sewing safety. 

3. Marble Paintings

To create marble paintings, you only need a few items: paper, paint, and a toothpick. Choose two colors that’ll blend well with each other and pour them on a blank piece of paper. Make sure you start with a small amount of paint first and work your way up if more is needed. 

Once you have the two colors on the paper, you can then take a toothpick and start to swirl the colors together. Don’t worry too much about a specific pattern or design. Give your little ones a toothpick and let them go for it! 

The toothpicks will create the marble look between the two colors. 

4. Fairy Gardens

Building fairy gardens is a good way to get the children outdoors. Fairy gardens can be as simple or as complex as you’d like them to be, so they’re ideal for all ages. To get started, choose a pot or something similar to build the garden in. 

Make sure whatever you choose can withstand outdoor elements. Then, see what you can make of it! Lay down some dirt and plant a few small plants or succulents. 

You can also add a small fence, rocks, stone mushrooms, fairy houses, and even bridges that connect one pot to another. You can purchase items for your fairy garden or make them yourself using various items such as popsicle sticks and marbles. 

5. Rock Painting

You may have seen small painted stones around your neighborhood. Painted stones have become popular recently and contain hand-painted images or quotes. Now it’s time to paint your own. 

You can purchase smooth stones from your local arts and craft store or try to find some around the yard. Clean them up nicely, and then paint your own image on them. You can even use these in your fairy garden if desired! 

Paint flowers, ladybugs, fish, butterflies, and other beautiful pictures on them. Spread them around town for others to find and enjoy if you have extra.

6. Kindness Keychains

There are several ways to make keychains, so the type of keychain you make is up to you. You can use beads, string, and a keychain ring for a simple keychain kit. Loop the string around the keychain ring and send the string through the beads. 

The beads can be plain colors or have letters on them to spell something. When using letter beads, think of something kind to say. You can say something like, “you’re kind,” or “you’re a good friend.”

Your children will not only enjoy making these keychains but will enjoy passing them out to friends as well. 

Which Unique Crafts Will Your Family Try This Summer?

School’s out, and summertime is here! Summer is the perfect time to bond with family. What better way to do that than creating memories while making unique crafts? 

Use all of these great ideas listed above to get you started. Then, visit our shop to find all of the arts and craft supplies you’ll need this summer. We have a wide range of various supplies, including kits and kid’s crafts. 

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