DIY Daisy Bracelet

Stack’em up or wear them alone! ?

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Time: 30min. - 1 Hour

Get the Supplies

40G Bronze 6/0 Glass E-Beads

Bronze 6/0 Glass E-Beads are perfect for those tiny details that put your design above the rest. Make elaborate or simple pieces that always look polished and impressive.

Big Eye Beading Needles - 2.25 inch, 4pc

The large eye spans most of the length of the needle, making it easy to thread without eye strain. Fits all sizes of bead cord and is very flexible, making it great for stringing beads individually or from trays. Carefully sharpened for precise use. Constructed from high-tensile stainless steel wire. Set of 4, 2.25 inch.