Jewelry Tools: What Do You Need To Start Your Own Jewelry Store?

Are you getting into jewelry making? Making and selling jewelry is a great way to collide your artistic creativity and making money!

Before you start your new journey, you need to make sure you have the right jewelry tools. It may seem like you could use just anything to put your jewelry together, but having the right things will make the process a lot easier.

Here are the top jewelry tools you need to start your business.

Pliers, Pliers, and More Pliers

The most important tools you will need to make jewelry will be a variety of pliers. Needle nose pliers and round nose pliers being the two most common. 

Grab this toolset which also includes side cutters and you will be set for beginning your jewelry-making journey. 

Beads & Accents

Once you have decided what kinds of jewelry you want to make, you can start picking out the beads and accents you want to feature. 

You need to know the materials you want to use before purchasing the stringing material, findings, claps, and any additional tools. Look into wholesale jewelry supplies so you can purchase your beads for less and make a higher profit off your jewelry.

Stringing Material

There are many different materials you can use to string your jewelry, the most common being wire and thread. Depending on the beads and materials you are using, you will have to purchase different gauge wires. 

Make sure you either start with a variety of gauges or that you double and triple-check the size you need for the beads you are using. 

Clasps, Findings & Other Jewelry Tools

Depending on the jewelry you are planning to make, you will need to purchase bases, clasps, or findings. How will you close the necklaces or bracelets?

When shopping around for different styles, consider who you are making the jewelry for. If you choose to make earrings for children, you might want to make some clip-on earrings, as there is a lot of controversy over children’s ear piercings

What metal will you use for rings and earrings? Consider the quality of the metal you are choosing. Hypoallergenic, real metals, gold, and silver are always the best choices for people of all ages and genders. 

Selling Your Jewelry

When you are ready to start selling your jewelry, take a look at online selling websites such as Etsy. A lot of local farmer’s markets will allow you to rent a spot to sell your products.

There is also the option to start selling to friends and family and then starting to branch out from there. 

Go Get Your Jewelry Tools

Making jewelry is a very tedious but rewarding hobby that can easily be made into your own online or physical store. Your first step is to acquire the tools and start buying some beads!

Head over to our website and pick up a 6 piece tool set of essential jewelry tools from Cousin DIY you will be ready to make your jewelry dreams come true!