Tropical Colors Acrylic Bead Mix

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  • Includes 1 Bead Mix Assortment
  • Pearl: 8mm diameter x 2mm bead hole
  • Large faceted beads: 30mm x 24.5mm x 2mm bead hole
  • Medium faceted beads: 23mm x 13.5mm x 2mm bead hole
  • Small faceted beads:5.8mm x 7.5mm x 2mm bead hole
  • Square faceted beads: 9.5mm x 7.8mm x 1.5mm bead hole
  • Octagon faceted beads: 16.5mm x 16mm x 2.5mm bead hole x Square beads: 8.5mm x 2.5mm bead hole
  • Elongated pearl beads: 13mm x 11mm x 2mm bead hole
  • Faceted diamond beads: 16.5mm x 11.5mm x2mm bead hole
  • Faceted diamond swirl beads: 24.5mm x 12.5mm x 2.5mm bead hole

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    SKU: 65022011
    Color: Mixed
    Material: Acrylic
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