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2021 Jewelry Trends – Chain Jewelry

We’re so excited for this year and everything we have planned! This month we’ll be focusing on jewelry trends in 2021 and how to recreate them at home! Join Chloe in learning how to DIY a chain jewelry set, we’re seeing this trend EVERYWHERE!

Enmeshed Wire Crochet Bracelet

This project was a member request from our create, inspire, connect facebook group. You can make elegant designs with wire crochet. To create this wire crochet bracelet, we used a size 5.0 (H-8) hook and a few techniques: crochet chain stitch and double crochet stitch.

Time for School!

This gorgeous beaded Apple Watch band will save you money and you will have the perfect watch band for fancy occasions. See step by step how to make it yourself!

LaurDIY Free Spirit Bangles

DIY Alert! ✨ Make this LaurDIY free spirit bracelets in just minutes! You will find here free downloadable step-by-step instructions, but also supplies and more inspirations for easy DIY projects.

LaurDIY Pink Druzy Bracelet

Druzy are so trendy right now! In nature, they’re created when tiny crystals form over minerals, giving true druzy stones a glittery look. Every fashion magazine has been featuring these gorgeous stones lately. But the truth is, it’s insanely easy and cheap to make your own druzy jewelry! This DIY project has been designed by […]

Talisman Druzy Cuff

This gemstone cuff is paired with a collection of animal and plant life charms with the added sparkle of Swarovski crystal flatbacks. The gemstone is a smooth agate slice that showcases the intricate details of this unique piece, as no two agates have the same growing pattern. The Swarovski crystals include silk and shimmer, depicting […]